Obstacle course conditioning
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Strengthens the heart: 

​Without a question, your heart will benefit from this rigorous exercise. The more blood your heart pumps, the stronger your heart will get in time and the better blood fluidity will gain. And if you have a strong heart, you will have less risks for diseases, especially heart diseases.
Puts you in shape: 

​Do you want to lose weight? Or just get fitter? Try an obstacle race! The constant running and intense force you apply to every obstacle will have you burning lots of calories, and eventually burn fat and lose weight. If you are bored with doing the some exercises and workouts, try an obstacle race! Never quit moving and exercising. Keep your body physically active at all times. Stay fit in a fun way!
Build strength and endurance: 

​Climbing a walls, crawling under barb wires, holding onto ropes – these types of races will absolutely test your strength abilities and will make you push your physical limits. This way, on your next race, you would be able to keep going faster and farther than the previous time. You’ll even want to go for longer races to keep challenging your body.
Improve balance and coordination: 

​Along the race, all the racers are trying to not fall down or trip maintaining their balance with every single obstacle. Always coordinating all your body parts, muscles and senses at the same time: looking up to see what obstacle is next or looking back to see how far you are from your friend; feeling the terrain with your feet and stabilize them if it’s rocky or muddy; moving your hands around to help you move faster and have them ready if you fall; jumping and trying to land strong with both feet – all of these movements correspond with your brain’s orders and making you improve you balance and coordination.
Toughens the brain

Before you attend to one of this events, not only you have to be physically prepared, but mentally too. Your brain is set to one goal: Finish the race! Focusing in accomplish that goal, your level of concentration on that race would be at the top of everything that is on your mind.
Make new friends

Obstacle courses tend to focus heavily on teamwork and cooperation, and while it’s not required to create a team, you will eventually find many mud runners who are willing to help each other out. These kind of races bring people together, from reaching out an arm on a half-pipe climb to climbing onto of each other to scale ridiculous height, you will make tons of friends doing this. While these courses are called “races,” the cooperation is high – even among strangers – add you build irreplaceable bonds.
Obstacle course conditioning 
What you receive:

-Body conditioning (Bodyweight training)
- A trial run at Peninsula OCR
  • Areas covered : Melbourne city
  • Travel fees are extra outside the city

  • Areas covered : CBD and Kings park
  • Travel fees are extra outside the city

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