They call me the The Fierce Finn. I’ve acquired this moniker, not just because I was born in Finland, but because I have learned that the Scandinavian lifestyle contains several keys to maintaining optimum levels of fitness and overall health. My opinion is not a biased one.

Although I’m currently living in Australia, I’ve lived in five countries throughout my life, and I’ve extensively travelled in countless nations around the planet. As a fitness coach, I try to glean health and fitness tips from every culture I experience, and, I’ve seen that the Scandinavian ways are the healthiest.

Fitness has always been a part of my life. You could even say that I was born into it. Although she is retired now, I was raised personal trainer for a mother. In addition to making sure I ate nutritiously, she introduced me to various sports that I still love today. I have been involved in swimming, horse riding, tennis, and running. My latest obsession is Obstacle courses.

Academically, I studied marketing and early childhood education, but I simply could not stay away from my passion. I returned to school to become certified in personal training, nutrition coaching, supplements training, and counseling.

I do not take the privilege of having a mother with a strong background in fitness and health for granted, and I realize the unfortunate truth that many people today, both adults and children, simply lack proper education when it comes to what’s good for them physically and nutritionally. I want to use my education and unique set of experience to empower others with fitness training as well as nutritional education.

It is my goal to go beyond transforming bodies for a season. I want to transform minds for a lifetime.

I believe having a nutritionally conscious parent should be the rule rather than the exception, so I want to improve the health of the next generation by educating and training the adults who will become their parents.

No matter your age or skill level, it would be my absolute honor to be your personal trainer.